Transformational Coaching & Trauma Therapy


My intention is to end the suffering of 1 million people who experience relational traumas, past and present.

Let me take you on the journey back to the person you were born to be.



Relationships take work.  Just as it takes work to keep a beautiful garden flowering and flourishing, we have to water it, give it fertiliser, weed it and give it lots of attention and love.  

We aren't taught 'how to do relationships', we dont get a certificate from a University to give us the credentials to say we are ready.  

So is it any wonder we go through bumps in the road and find it hard to communicate?


Life can be hard sometimes.  We aren't prepared for some challenges that come our way.  

Many of us have been told to sit around and talk about what's going on for years on end, and never really feel better.  

What if there was a better way to get a really transformative resolution from the problem, and actually change your life at the core?  


Have you tried everything to feel better, but just can't seem to get anywhere? Are you wanting to be healthier, happier, have more energy, sick of the social stigma, not being where you want to in life? You want to feel better , but you are too stressed.   Hundreds of people have broken free from their old patters using this powerful hypnotherapy method.  Now it's your turn - my signature RE Method process will have you a reconnected with the true you in just 3 to 4 session!

"I was feeling depressed, anxious and traumatised after experiencing a life-altering event. I had tried various modalities to feel better, but I was still struggling. I then experienced TRTP, and after the first session, I no longer felt depressed, anxious or traumatised. My life is now full of joy and happiness. TRTP has changed my life!"

Gail, Australia

Transformational Life Coaching

Not exactly something I intended to grow up and be.  This work found me.  I've been doing this for  5 years.  It is hard enough knowing what the next step is and  how to manage your emotions.  So let me guide you, empower you and take you on a journey.  This is where you create a kick arse life right now.

Emotional Wellbeing Therapy

Stress, anxiety, depression & PTSD effect far too many of us. Me included - a long time ago now.  Recovering from abuse - sexual and emotional - can feel almost impossible.  Until I found a way that is fast, safe and transformative. If I can do it, so can you.


WARNING : If you hang out with me too long, I'll brainwash you into loving yourself, knowing your worth & owning your sh*t.

"Thank you so much Renee, the shifts I have experienced so far working with you have been life changing. I know things will just get better and better"

Nikki, UK


Online Courses and Support

Ways to work with me online or in a group


Sometimes finding the courage to leave a relationship is one of the hardest to make.  Not know what life will look like afterwards.  Not wanting to hurt someone. Yet knowing deep down, what needs to be done.  


You've decided to separate. Now what?  Who do you trust?  Who do you turn to?  What are the next steps?  How to you transition and embrace the change?  You don't like to ask for help and you're not even sure what you need.  


Who am I?  Is what I asked myself 6 1/2 years ago. This can be one of the most challenging and lonely times.  Or it can be a time for opportunity and empowerment.  You get to choose.  What if you could re-invent your self right here, right now?

Frequently Asked Questions

I know, it's the 'd' word that get ya.  I could be called a Life Coach, sure, but I believe I am much more than that.  
I too have been through a divorce.  So while your journey is unique to you, I hear similar stories from the people I've worked with.   As a coach, I am here to guide you and help you uncover the answers you have inside, just aren't aware of.  Which is much more empowering than mentoring and giving only advice.


Depending on where you are at in your journey, each person is different in how I work with them.  How I really help you is working with your unconscious core beliefs that aren't helping you and give you ones that are. This is done by hypnotherapy process and/or mostly using The Richards Trauma Process.  I will help you deal with the negative emotions - anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, resentment.  I will help you get back to peace and calm.  You will become more courageous and confident than before.  And being a mediator, I can give you some information to help you with your divorce questions.  Ultimately, if you have children, they will be the ones thanking  you.

Many of the people I've worked with over the years say 'I've lost myself', 'I don't have any confidence left', 'my heart is broken', or 'but I feel more relief and grief' - so the point is, most people dont like how they feel after a separation and divorce.  They feel lonely and confused.  Working with me, you will feel whole and complete again. You will get to know who you really are.  You'll be able to move forward and get back into life.  It will save you years of other therapy.  It will also help you to NOT repeat what happened and repair and smile again. 

If you are looking for more information on the therapy side of things then go to

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You can get social with me, stalk away and see what others are saying too.

Check out my media page as well.

Great question!!!  

Personally, I have lived through it, so I can lead it.  I have healed myself because it was important for me to be able to coach you from a place of knowing who I am too.  I didnt want to do this while I was still angry and sad, that wouldn't be cool.  

I have also done the training and qualified to call myself a coach.  I trained with FireUp Coaching in Australia, which is the only International Coaching Federation Certified company in Australia to gain a Diploma in Coaching Leadership and Mentoring.  

I have studied Core 100 by Robbins Madanes.

I am a Master Practioner in NLP and Hypnotherapy.

I am a Family Dispute Resolution Practioner - which in short means I can talk about Family Law and give you info on that.  Lawyers give advice, so there's a difference.  

I have studied heaps of other stuff from Mindset, Meditation and Mindfulness.

That's all well and good to say that, but check out the testimonial, because the proof is there.  

Oh and yeah, I love this work.  I was a travel agent for 20 years before reinventing myself and career.  


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