Should You Stay Or Leave A Relationship

In 6 Easy Steps

Get Clarity Now

You're unhappily married and not sure what to do next.

Is it relationship counselling or coaching?

Is it time to leave the marriage?

Who is there to turn to and trust?

What is the right decision?

How do you really know when its over?

How to tell your partner it is over.


This mini course will help you get some clarity on many of the questions you are asking yourself or looking for the answers on Google.

I know how tough a break up can be on yourself, your family & friends, your work, your finances. I want you to be able to make the choice that is right for you.  Save time and heart ache with that decision right now.

In this course you will find out the 6 steps you can take right now.

You'll get videos, downloads and actionable steps to take right now.  

There'll be answers to your questions of 'What next?' and 'Why did this happen?'


1. What about the kids?

2. What advice is good advice?

3. What is missing from the relationship.

4. How to know if it is worth saving.

5. How to have 'that' breakup conversation.

6. What the next steps are no matter what you decide.

There's even a 60 or 90 day plan to take so you can know you've given it your all.

Plus a BONUS segment to cover infidelity and 4 pillars that lead to divorce.

To work with me one on one through this will cost you at least $1800 

PLUS I am going to include this meditation hypnosis recording valued at $120 to help you go a little deeper with your answers when you sign up right now.



  • Videos to guide you

  • Downloads to work from

  • Actionable steps you can take right now


Who is this for?   

This is for anyone finding themselves looking for clarity in their relationship.  Perhaps you're feeling trapped, well there is an exit plan for you too.  If you've got kids and are worried about how they will copy with a broken family, I've got that covered. This is for you so you don't have to tell anyone just yet, because I know how that can feel - judgement and shame or guilt, mixed with fear.  So let me take some of that confusion and emotion away.

Why take my course?


The question 'should I stay or go' is sometimes bottled in for more than 9 months before anything is said or done.  I know, I was that person 10 years ago. Riddled with anxiety and depression.  I then went through a high conflict divorce with two young children.  Then trained as a family mediator. Plus worked one on one with many people over the last 7 years. So I have the emotional and legal sides all covered.