Beyond The Breakup

This is your survival care kit for what comes next 

Step by step process on how to detox from your divorce, find some clarity in the early days of separation and learn how to bounce forward.  


This is a simple step by step program that any one can follow.  

I know, I went through my separation process 9 years ago.  At that time I was a red hot mess!  Riddled with stress, anxiety and depression.

The whirlwind of thoughts that are running through your mind can literally stop you in your tracks.  Not knowing where to start, who to turn to next or who to even trust.  Beyond The Breakup Bootcamp answers all that.  

This course is a mix of cognitive tools, science, positive psychology, meditations and visualisation techniques, quantum breathwork, and embracing your woo woo spiritual side, along with family law basics.  Yes, all in one place right here right now for you to start at any time in the privacy of your own home.

You'll not only save thousands of dollars in unnecessary chats with lawyers as your therapist, but cut off so much of the healing time in the process.

All The Tools You Need To Help You Navigate The Early Stages Of A Break Up

No one can prepare you for the emotional roller coaster you're most likely experiencing.  That and how to protect your kids.  I know it all too well.  When my marriage ended over 10 years ago, I was a red hot mess.  I got through it and have put all my years of expertise in working with clients one on one into this super helpful course.



  • Understand and get through the grief cycle
  • Get an understanding for what the next steps are 
  • Know how to protect your kids
  • Learn how to work with your emotions
  • Find some inner peace and calm to help you sleep through the night