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About Me

Hello I am a Melbourne mother-of-two who gave my new single status the ultimate reinvention, taking the lowest point in my life to a whole new high.

I found my passion and purpose and then created a new career based on lessons from my divorce and now am here to help others going through a breakup.

Through coaching I chose to see my divorce as an opportunity to find myself again and not mourn the loss of someone else. I am often dubbed ‘the divorce guru,’ and I believe there is no time for a never-ending pity party, but always time to plan a good divorce party.

After the emotions are dealt with it is time to divorce your story and move forward.

Hi, I’m Renee Catt, founder of Divorce Go To Girl.

I am cheeky, sassy and a lover of life, I absolutely believe in seeing the flip side to your separation and divorce. I am not going to tell you to just ‘get over it’ and move on. I will however, keep it real but with a whole lotta love thrown in the mix.

If I can bounce back from rock bottom, then you can too, from where ever you are at.

I have learnt (and still am) a lot in the 6 years since my marriage ended, and will always continue to grow as a person. While our stories may not be the same, time and time again when I have spoken to 100’s of women, they generally say similar things:

“I did not even know where to start when my marriage ended or who to talk to and trust”

“I lost who I was in my marriage and now I feel broken, alone and confused”

I may not have walked in your exact shoes, but I do know the steps forward and generally they are very similar, if not the same for most women I talk to and work with.

Since my divorce and truly change my career to help those who want it, I have gained a Diploma in Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring.  Am now a Nationally Accredited Mediator and in September, I begin my studies in Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner training.  Phew…what a ride.

Soon, you’ll also be able to see my blogs and articles on Your Tango. My passion is in writing and speak, so keep an eye out for online events, courses and webinar sessions.

Stay around, read, connect and get social, download the free stuff, or maybe you’d like to work together some time.  Check out the Divorce Coaching page for more details.